HyperCore Linux

A Tiny Portable Linux Designed For Reproducibility

Status - HyperOS is very new, recommended for early adopters only. You can npm install linux -g today to get HyperCore on OS X, but we are still working on additional CLI tools that incorporate the rest of the HyperOS components. Have an idea for a use case? You can chat with us in freenode/#dat or in gitter.

HyperOS is a set of components that make it easy to quickly download and run containerized software on top of version controlled data in a reproducible way without sacrificing performance.

It's made and maintained by the team that works on dat, a dataset version control tool. We build tools to improve scientific research reproducibility and working on ways to make container runtime tools accessible to scientific use cases like sharing and running version controlled code + data pipelines.

HyperOS supports Linux, Mac and soon Windows and is intended to be used primarily as a end-user CLI tools on workstations.


Technical Features

Design Goals